Fred Gomes & I Neurologici “O Fim Da Dor” (Vinyl 7″)

Fred Gomes and InBraDub label joined with the band I Neurologici (IT) to present the single “O Fim da Dor” on vinyl record 7″.

InBraDub is a Brazilian reggae label that was founded to promote artists from the inner regions of the country. In its debut, the label presents the singer Fred Gomes, a very important artist for the reggae culture in the countryside of São Paulo state.

Fred was one of the founders of Ganja Groove sound system, pioneer sound and active between 2005 and 2015 in the city of São Carlos.

Work done in the countryside but connected with the world, Fred and InBraDub linked up with I Neurologici, Italian band and also owners of Real Rock Hi-Fi sound system and label. The connection resulted in the single “O Fim da Dor”. It’s already out as pre-release for sound systems like Jah Shaka (UK), Channel One (UK), Aba Shanti-I (UK), OBF (FR), King Shiloh (NL) and Dubversão (BR).

In the song, Fred speaks about our mind power capable of evoking “Peace, love, compassion and end of pain.”, just as his sings it in a very caracteristic I Neurologici riddim.

The mix was signed by ChinDub, who has worked in the areas of music production and mixing in the interior of the state of São Paulo since 2009. Master was signed by Buguinha Dub, engineer very requested for works in the Brazilian independent music market. Label’s founder, Félix was the executive producer for this project.

The release of “O Fim da Dor” precedes “Saber Esperar”, next Fred Gomes’ album, which features Victor Rice, Monkey Jhayam and the band QG Imperial.

The single was released on February 13th, 2019 in 7″ inch record with an exclusive dub version.


A) “O Fim Da Dor” (Vocal Mix)
B) “O Fim Da Dor” (Dub Mix)


  • Single: O Fim Da Dor
  • Artist: Fred Gomes
  • Music Producer: I Neurologici
  • Mix: ChinDub
  • Master: Buguinha Dub
  • Executive Producer: Félix
  • Designer: Samuhka
  • Words: Jah Leo

Release Info

  • Label: InBraDub Music
  • Catalog: INBRADUB-004C
  • Format: Vinyl 7″
  • Release date: 02/13/2019
  • Genre: Reggae