InBraDub Music is a Brazilian Reggae music label created in 2017 to be a platform for Brazilian countryside artists to show their music to the world.

The label published some digital releases in 2018 and its first physical release (7″ vinyl) is out to the streets in 2019.


Special Thanks

Some people are very important to us, dedicating their time and helping us create and develop our projects.

That said, we would like to say “thanks” again.

In no importance order, thanks to: ChinDub, Fred Gomes, Jota Aracê, Samuhka, Fred Q., Jahnauê, Bruna S.V. (and Little John), Adriano H. (Batata), Jah Leo (RockersTime/Subcultura), Buguinha Dub (Estúdio Mundo Novo), Yellow P (Dubversão Sound System), Paulera (Hard Drop), R. Giglio and all supporters.