Netto Rockfeller meets ChinDub – Dub’s Girl

Netto Rockfeller Meets ChinDub - Dubs Girl

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Big combination of Blues & Reggae inna wicked dub version!

Yes! This single is a dub version to the song “Rockfeller’s Girl”, part of the album “The latin american mojo style of Netto Rockfeller”, recorded in San Jose – California (EUA) with the great blues producer Kid Andersen.
The track composed by Netto Rockfeller now breathes the reggae vibes through this dub version mixed by ChinDub.

As long as dub versions are not so common in blues like they are in reggae, for sure this is a beautiful way for dub culture to honor its roots, as we know that reggae music has a big relation with blues, rhythm & blues, etc.

This single also celebrates the collaboration between Chin and Netto. They have been working together for some time in nice productions and with this track they establish the big combination of the InBraDub and Blue Crawfish Records labels.



1 – Dub’s Girl


  • Single: Dub’s Girl
  • Artists: Netto Rockfeller meets ChinDub
  • Music Production: Netto Rockfeller & Kid Andersen
  • Recording: Greaseland Studio – (USA)
  • Mix and Master: ChinDub – Trina Estúdio
  • Executive Production: ChinDub
  • Collaboration: This single celebrates a collaboration between InBraDub & Blue Crawfish Records

Release Info

  • Release Date: 06/08/2020
  • Label: InBraDub Music & Blue Crawfish Records
  • Catalog: INBRADUB-009D
  • Format: Digital
  • Genre/Style: Blues & Dub